Aged Rou Gui


Aged Rou Gui

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The Latest tea added to Wu Yi’s famous “Five Bushes”, Rou Gui Wuyi Yancha has stepped into its own with the help of tea master Lin, an exceptional aging process & multiple re-fires. This tea earned the nickname “Rock Tea” due to the rocky area where it grows in the Wu Yi Mountain in Northern Fujin of China. The Aging process develops an exceptionally complex and robust flavor with hints of earthy, floral tones and a sweet aftertaste. 

Direct from Source

Brewing Instructions:

Steep one teaspoon of this deeply complex tea at 195 degree for 30 seconds. Longer for more robust brewing. Unleash the different tastes thru up to ten infusions.

Tasting Notes:

Full-bodied, robust, grassy, smooth, complex with a floral aftertaste with rich, sweet tones.

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