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"Why did we stop drinking them?" "Because everyone else started!"  Thank you Carrie Bradshaw for re-sharing the chicness of a classic cosmo.  Now served by J'enwey Tea Co. in a tea cup. White Peony Tea soaks in the tartness of our lime wheels, dried cranberries & citron spritzes.  Stirred or Shaken, poolside, lounge party or fire side, our Cosmo will be the hit of the night!

Brewing Instructions:

Bring your Cosmopolitan tea to life with 2 teaspoon for each 8 oz. cup. Using boiling water steep for 3 to 5  minutes. Add more leaves, same steeping time for Iced.

Light up the party with a large glass bowl of Cosmo Tea, served with fresh floating mint leaves and bright yellow lemon twists. 

Tasting Notes:   Tangy, tart, citrusy and light. Made with whole leaf white tea. Naturally caffeine free.

Enveloped with freshly dried lemon twists & dried cranberries.

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