Jasmine Dragon Pearl


Jasmine Dragon Pearl

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This popular jasmine tea gets its name from the hand rolled shoots of Fuding Dabaicha that resemble individual “pearls”. These pearls are then layered with fresh, aromatic jasmine flowers. Layer by layer, pearl on top of flower, the Dabaicha tea adopts the intense aroma and taste of Jasmine. While you watch the tiny, hand-rolled pearls unfurl before your very eyes, you can smell the fragrance of jasmine and licorice. Then you can taste the full, velvety white tea with a gentle, creamy sweetness. 

Direct from Source

Brewing Instructions:

One teaspoon of New England Tea Company's Jasmine Pearl Tea into a glass, fill with water at 176 degrees. Steep for 3 minutes. Our Jasmine Pearl Tea stands up to four brewings.

Tasting Notes:

Summery blossom fragrant sweet aroma and taste. Roses, jasmine, licorice, elegant, feminine, delicate, sweet short finish. 

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