Tuscan Lemon Brule'


Tuscan Lemon Brule'

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Blended to honor the true flavors of Italy.  Said to be the "Best cup of tea she's ever had!"

Herbal infusion, organic lemon peel and the most citrusy leaves in the world. We search for the best, you sit back, relax and enjoy. 

Brewing Instructions:

Transform your being with this delightful tea. Steep 2 teaspoons into boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. Great for two brewings. Add more tea without increasing the steep time for stronger brews, such as iced tea & dessert tea with milk.

Serve with hot milk & foam for a delish Lemon Brule' Latte.

Cocktail suggestion: Citron Vodka, fresh lemon squeeze, lemon twist garnish.  Equal parts (ok, maybe a little more tea than vodka)

Tasting Notes:   Refreshingly sweet and tart leaving a smooth finish.


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