White Bud Puerh


White Bud Puerh

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The pure white buds of this tea were not just picked and dried like a normal white tea; these buds were treated in the traditional Puerh process. Harvesters’ handpicked, withered, pan fired, and finally sun dried the buds resulting in a firmer flavor profile than traditional white teas. The end result is a fantastic introduction to new Puerh drinkers, because of the relative mildness. This Puerh brews a sweet and malty tea, with a pleasant earthy scent and flavor.

Direct from Source

Brewing Instructions:

Warm your glass by pouring boiling water and letting it rest for 20 seconds. Using your warm empty glass add 1 tablespoon of White Bud Puerh. Pour boiling water over the leaves to fill 1/3 of the glass. After 1 minute, fill the remaining glass with water. Steep for 2-3 minutes. White Bud Puerh can stand up to 4 brewings.

Tasting Notes:

Great introduction for new Puerh drinkers because it is the mildest of all puerhs. Honeyed Yellow with Pale Green hues brews a Sweet, mellow & Malty Tea, straw and hay field scent and flavor. well balanced, full mouthfeel and a slightly sweet aftertaste

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