Wild Arbor


Wild Arbor

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Originally produced in 1995 by China’s state owned factory and afterwards stored, this wonderful, wild ancient arbor tea is beautifully aged and ripe. Crafted in the traditional process of Puerh teas Arbor Ripe is withered, pan fired, dried and left to age and ferment. The large leaves, perfectly aged and stored, offer strong and complex flavors without bitterness that will stand up to 7 brewings. The smooth, lingering, earthy finish will gratify your palette and leave you more than content. 

Direct from Source

Brewing Instructions:

Keep the ration of tea to water 1:50; Pour boiling water into the teapot, steep for 5 seconds and pour the water out. Pour the boiling water again, steep for 5 seconds, then pour into your cup. New England Tea Company's 1990's Wild Arbor Ripe Puerh will stand up to seven brewings, increasing the steeping time with each pour.

Tasting Notes:

Full, Smooth & Complex tea with no bitterness. Nicely aged & stored.


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